Sigma Door LLC is local manufacturer with global vision delivering entrance solutions to residential, commercial, hospitals, government & industrial projects in Azerbaijan. Sigma Door is the very first manufacturer of certified fire rated steel doors in Azerbijan, widening it’s production and product range including but not limited to fire rated door, steel doors, hospital doors, security doors, fire rated and non fire rated timber doors, shutter doors and more. We’ve been in Azerbaijan market since 2018 and pride ourselves for running the state of art production facility, equipped with sophisticated machineries to manufacture the high quality fire rated and non fire rated doors. 
Sigma Door  is known for delivering only the highest quality work and customer experiences, leaving no doubt to our professionalism or ability to deliver on a promise. We’ve pushed so hard for perfection that the extraordinary is now our norm, and the only way we know how to perform. This is a value that is reflected throughout every aspect of every project that bears our company name.



Fire Rated Steel Doors

Custom made furniture that fits your interior


Fire Rated Timber Doors


Fire Rated Aluminum Doors


Non Rated Doors


Door Accessories


Fire Rated Glass

Fire Rated & Non Rated Glass Partitions


Fire Rated Shutter Doors


Wall Cladding

Timber & Architectural Claddings




18 May

Port Baku Towers 2

Complete Metal & Timber timber door packages, inc: Fire Metal Doors, Timber Doors, Aluminum Doors, Wall claddings
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16 Apr

Property Tower

Complete Fire rated door packages, inc: Metal Doors, Aluminum Doors, Fire Rated Glass
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05 Mar

Port Baku Tower 1

Fire Rated Steel Doors for Basement
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